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Welcome to Discover Your Blog

I am Shiju, a complete tech-savvy here with Discover Your Blog. This is one of my ambitious projects to start the Blog.

I have more than 4 years of System administration experience. Currently supporting a company that is taking care of Data-center management. I love to support remotely and ensures to get satisfied on both ends. It is important to make your audience more helpful and satisfy them in simple words.

I was very passionate about Linux, cloud computing and well I have reached my goal. I never thought about starting a blog because people are getting their problems solved either through me or by the internet.

Then I found Blogging is a great medium to share your knowledge with the respective audience. I will share the content tested by me or the strategy I am still using. That’s the promise anyway.

  “Believing In Your Dream, It will attract some goodness to your life”

Care our efforts by sharing