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What is web hosting?

Before jump into What is Webhosting? we have to discuss basic technical which leads into datacenters. I am starting with the term server. What is a server? A server is a machine with richer resources than clients. For example if a server has a large amount of storage, RAM, more …

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Free blogging platforms u

Free blogging platforms

Best free blogging platforms compared in 2020 Starting a fantastic blog for free! Yes, It is possible now.   There are several handful platforms are providing free space for blogging. It is very easy to start blogging and build-up without any headache. If you are thinking, for free do they …

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What is blog ?

What is Blog ?

Blogs are an integral part of society to promote their products and improve company reach to the digital world. Today we will discuss all the aspects of the blog and how it differs from other websites. In this blogging industry, we can see the success rate is very large if …

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