How to make money from Blog in 2020?

Which is the hot topic in this world? 

Yes, money-making tips itself. Humans search each and every aspect of their life to spend money and earn more than that. Some of them want quick funda for getting richer in minimum time. 

You will get some practical methods of making money from blog.

Have you read the stories of world top billionaires, who hard worked for getting in this position. Those who want an immediate income from your blog can leave now. Because we are not talking about immediate effect tricks here. You implement, wait, see the results, change the strategy then again wait. This is what you are going to do if you really want a consistent income from your blog.

Within a year you will get results. A year OMG! Yes, it takes.

Those who had blogs can search for these methods for implementing the idea. This is worldly accepted terms in the blogger community. 

First you need a sufficient audience for your blog, to monetize it. You don’t need to quit your job, just make it popular then gain passive money, enjoy.

No matter which blog you are handling, the passion should drive you up to the end. I saw people who lost their hope in blogging and not getting enough audience, then stopped writing. If you step back from your publishing then your ranking will be below average. The visitors will also claim that you have no updated content.

Here you can see some steps that can be implemented to monetize for beginners, then go for advance money making tips.

Affiliate Links in your pages

What is affiliate marketing?

An affiliate is a person who gets an account as an affiliate marketer at online selling platform. The products may vary from physical to digital. 

The process starts here

  1. Login as an affiliate in the online company’s websites.
  2. Get an affiliate link from their website.
  3. Put this link in your blog or website
  4. A reader clicking the link enter into the online store
  5. They have completed the purchasing 
  6. The online company verifies the purchasing
  7. The commission was given to the marketer

This is the complete process for getting income from an affiliate link. There are multiple methods for getting paid from companies. Here I have mentioned them as purchases.

Pay Per Sale

This is already explained above. If someone purchasing through the link you will make commission per sale. Even though the customer is purchasing another product then also they get the commission. 

Pay Per Click

This method is paying to the affiliate, when a consumer clicking their ads and opening the website of an online company.

Pay Per Lead

This is a little bit complex system. In this the blogger gets paid only when consumer filling contact forms, signing up for a trial of a product, subscribing to a newsletter, or downloading software or files. That means quality leads drive the money to your pocket.

The above-said methods are can be easily fit for a newbie. But every business needs certain consumers to purchase to make sure your audience is well attracted to the links.  

You have a large pool of items will get from these vendors

  1. Amazone
  2. Commission Junction
  3. ShareAsale
  4. Impact Radius

Google Ads

Every blogger has the dream for approving google add a sense. Because it is the most popular advertising on the internet. It is known well among newbies, prepare your site according to google compliance, then go for ad sense. But comparing to other methods for money-making, I can say that the profit is very low. Google always pays for the number of visitors. But unfortunately if there was a change in keyword trending, the bidding may vary. You can analyze how your keywords are trending in google by google keyword planner. There you can see the lowest amount of pay and the highest. 

  Google ad sense is best for a newbie, if failed to get the approval, then you should check your quality of the websites including all the contents, style, relevence, etc. 

 There several Advertising companies in the world. Just check out the list given below.

  1. Adsterra
  3. Ezioc
  4.  Sovrn
  5. Skimlinks
  6. PropellerAds

All will help you to get monetize your webpage if visitors are there.

If you got ad sense approval, then simply place a script in your page, it will start displaying ads. Google will pay to you CPC rates, that is Cost Per Click. When a user clicking the ads, then it converts money to you.

Sell your own Digital Products

The Digital product is that consumers can get help after reading or applying the materials.

Products may vary from software to Books

Both are of well quality products so that consumers can’t find anything negative from that. So study individual customer’s perspectives then launch them in every media. Then take reviews from users and modify then if required. 

Every intermediate or advanced blogger is in that way. So this also a chance to launch your own products. Just do it.

Sell your physical products 

Yes, another amazing idea,  just need to create some of the products, that would be attractive for readers. Then go for the Woo-commerce website and make it an online store. You can sell also in popular online stores also. 

Any products you can choose, according to your interests. Examples are 

  1. Books
  2. Handcrafted items
  3. Homemade items
  4. Factories made items like plastic or molded products.

Introduce Online courses

Selling online courses is a great passive income generator.

For this, you have to be in the advanced category. Because people always think of money versus the quality of the course. If you have enough audience for the course. Then launch the course with attractive price points. 

People don’t know the quality, then you should be absolute care for the first batch. Then you can launch other programs too, by collaboration with professionals and make a team. You grow with a planned marketing strategy.

 The teaching must continue 1 to 2 hours, should be well prepared for the session.

Sell Direct Ads

Advertising through Google ad sense is great for newbies, but they will give you CPC only. Not much growth can be predicted through this. 

If you collaborate with such a company to publish their ads in your blog, then that will be converting this as direct income. There is no intermediate between you and the company. So income will be high. The negotiation will take place and you can place ads at the price range. You can see the newspapers are doing these methods. For the front page, the ad publishing amount is so high. Likewise we can setup this also.


If you have enough expertise in your area. Then provide support to the companies or individuals for resolving their issues. You can pay for each consultation, or per hour consultation. There is no investment in this, you can add a good looking contact form for your service. Then give adequate support to the clients. 

Get paid reviews for the products

If you are good reviewer, then you can try this out. If you are well established in social media, then product manufacture/seller itself contact you for their product review. Currently mobile and gadgets reviewers are making money out of it. By reviewing the product in detail as a first-person, then you will stand out of the crowd. 

The important thing is the niche you had selected to be matched with the products. Otherwise the confusion will arise among your audience. 

You can approach companies to ask about paid reviews. 

You can be an influencer

You are already well established among your community. And made yourself a brand along with your blog, then there is another money-making plan that will come. Speak to the live audience as an influencer. 

You can explain what was your story, or on any topic. Many influencers are making an income out of it by public speaking. 

Create Membership pages

Have you heard about premium membership plans? Yes then you have another step to monetize your blog. Start membership plans and separate pages for them. So that they can access high-quality materials like important notices, events, videos, digital products, online classes, etc through your blog. There are several plugins for creating membership sites available today , Example – WordPress membership plugin.

Membership plans are always needed dedicated work and need more time investment.

Freelance service

Freelance service is another way of passive money. If you are a web developer, then start a blog, saying that you are a web developer, who will give you beautiful professional sites in cost-effective. Give testimonials and publish your client list. So that people can show interest in your work.

You can decide to educate your clients, by uploading tutorials that also give support to them. If you are trying to provide service by visiting the customer site, then further no problem. You can add diverse services according to your customer needs. 

That’s calling a professional approach to business. You can support sales also that will stand with your service. For example, if you are an IT professional, you are giving support to the clients and also selling IT goods to them. Through this, you can develop another e-commerce website for your products. Also deliver the products at doorsteps, sounds good right?

The above said are all worldwide accepted and bloggers are now applying to get passive income.

 You can try these methods and comment here. No headache for this year for making pocket full of money right?

Blogging is a powerful medium to monetize it. Keep delivering quality contents and keep going, Friend!

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