13 Untouched niche markets that you can chase in 2020

You could definitely have a clear idea of how the market is changing. There so many things that have changed over the years and you are witnessing the changes. You can buy international products through dropshipping websites and also ship your own products to the international market.

What makes the products unique?

Even though you invented a unique product and lack of market research and innovation on the product seems to fail or any hobby product goes viral without much effort. 

In this article, I am gonna discuss the untouched niche market or niche products along with the market interest and some success stories.

Before getting into an untapped niche idea you have to go through some brainstorming.

There are many markets that are really required good products and also not saturated until now. 

Why do we say it is not saturated?

It means that filed like baby care products, beauty products, health care products, home appliances never end down the road.

All you have to impress customers by thinking at a new level. As we know most innovative tech companies like Apple, then invented the iPhone and making the world needy. 

The quality of the product is one of the key features to attract people and the customers themselves promote your products for free.

Let’s check out what makes these market unique which is untapped completely.

Why you should go with the low competition niches?

There you can find some positive facts 

  1. When the competition is less and easy to rank at search engines
  2. The target audience is fixed
  3. Easy marketing steps
  4. Become an industry leader without much effort
  5. Evergreen niches will trend always

How to find a niche market around you?

There you should be aware of surroundings, such as online media, forums, society, top successful and failed attempts on specific niches, etc.

These ideas will help you to find the exact niche by brainstorming.

  1. Passion will force you to act

The passion itself makes someone more ready to start the venture. Music is your passion and you have started a music instrument store and the target audience will be music lovers or musicians by profession. So the real indent is how to use your passion to set up financial stability.

  1. What went wrong for failed startups?

The years of experience never required to find the fallouts. We can read the books or through an interview, we could identify the false move that caused a tragedy for their organization. This attempt will save you a couple of years, which you can use to avoid these kinds of errors in the future.

  1. Check the successful online ventures related to your niche.

In this approach, you can analyze how much profit you can make and how the market is responding with the product. And identify the types of income sources or affiliates programs to grow your income. The successful blogs are publishing the income report frequently for their readers, so with a little bit of market research with SEO tools you can identify the search intent as well as traffic per month.

  1. Reading industry blogs, magazines, publications

Reading the blogs around your niches will be a good thing to involve more in the respective niche. Every day you will find new articles, technology, trends, outdated trends with outdated products, changing minds of people around such products will be notified you.

The article may be well researched and you are getting enough support with facts and ratings in a single media.

  1. Selling related products or sell the products really people want.

For example, we could say that if a person is purchasing a printer online and he requires its consumable after some months. So you have to find the top-selling products with a good amount of profit. On an e-commerce site, we look for cheap with the number of people purchased products and search the associated products such as consumables for the particular items. 

  1. Stop selling the products if the market almost saturated and competition is high.

It is a heartbreaking decision and never wants to do this step. Yes, this particular product is almost saturated and you are unable to ship products due to the higher competition you are advised to switch the product or stop the particular product before gone too late.

  1. Always think product diversity

I want to add this point along with the above said stopping the product. Product diversity will definitely save you in the future while you stop one or more products, which are not moving frequently.

Innovate the products and identify the new product launches will make you ahead of this competition.

Best Untouched Niche Market Ideas You Should Know

Organic beauty

Organic products are hot buzz on the market. The term organic is referred to as nature. So natural product selling or even manufacturing is definitely a good niche for concentrating today to get great exposure for your business. 

There you can categorize the organic products by health care products or non-healthcare.

The pesticide-free natural products like powders of ginger, turmeric, chili, black pepper are using daily in the kitchen. 

Non-health care products like organic pesticides or reusable products like bamboo mugs, paper bags, bamboo brush, etc.

There are organic beauty products available which are also growing rapidly. Primarily you have to identify which category you have to concentrate on or manufacturer.


The term fitness is really a money term but highly competitive. But within the health niche, you can choose micro-level subjects like gym tools, dietary supplements, bodybuilding technic, home workout tools, consultation for fitness centers, etc.

So the point is the topic is wide and you are in the golden market and reach is high for this niche.

The fitness niche can be an untouched market for 2020. The work out materials and work out supplements have huge demand on the market. The dropshipping market is growing along with e-commerce sites. The top e-commerce site research will give you the actual idea of how they are profitable.

Vitamins, Dietary supplements

I have mentioned here Vitamins and Dietary supplements have their own importance. If we search for health supplements, you can see the search results are from e-commerce sites. Today’s fast lifestyle makes people sick due to insufficient vitamins. Hence extra supplements or vitamins are consumed as pills or drinkable products.


The weight loss technics are everywhere such as online and offline. Weight loss methods are countless. Still, people want to lose weight and real actionable techniques or courses for weight loss are highly required. 

While looking into the topic, weight loss can be achieved via a limiting diet with efficient workouts plans. If I search on google for weight loss their you can find 20 to 30 methods to lose weight. So creating a guide to help people to reduce weight and you can promote affiliate products as well.

Baby products

Cute babies require cute products, which should not harm their skin in any manner. So people are very cautious while selecting baby care products. Such products have a high demand. The brands are more towards baby care products.

The products are 20% sold online for baby care products. The biodegradable and eco-friendly products in the baby care product also gaining momentum. 

The diapers, baby powders, toys, clothes, wipes, towels, bathing products, skincare products, baby carriers, baby gears, feeding supplements, bedding, etc. So these products can be promoted via online shops or drop shipping methods.

Relationships And Dating

The relationship and dating is another untouched niche for 2020 for your business. You can start with ebooks concentrating on specific age groups and sell products related to this niche. This niche is a wide category and you could sell customize gifts or arrange online dating platforms.

Car accessories

Some of them have a dream to purchase a new car or a used one. The vehicle industry is booming never before. The government is pushing pollution less vehicle production. The demand for automobile accessories will be high. Accessories are fit for both used and new vehicles. The accessories like mats, perfumes, car cleaners, seat covers, car modification items, spoilers, custom lights, custom stickers, etc are really mandatory for cars.

So the requirement is definitely high and using online stores, you can make a handful of customers with little promotions.

Another notable accessory is child protection seats, which is a very unique product and very useful for the families. Social media and forums are great places for exploring the untouched niche like automobile accessories.


When we try to find some cool untapped market niches will be in your mind is clothing. I would say there are plenty of things to be discussed regarding this topic.

How much we are spending on clothing? and no age restriction can be found for selling clothes.

  • Newborn babies require baby cloths
  • After his or her couple of birthdays, we will select other sized cloths
  • Then teenage clothes
  • Uniform cloths
  • Adult clothes (men or women )
  • Maternity clothes
  • Seasonal clothes
  • Wedding clothes
  • Birthday clothes
  • Yoga clothes
  • Swimming clothes

For every occasion we change the type, color, style, or even changes the fashion by month. Old clothes are ignored by us. 

So above said any category will be your business and the competition is also high due to market requirements. But as we choose quality vs price always. If we can provide customers good quality products with your own brand or definitely sell any other known brand products. 
The online store for the apparells is an untouched niche, which can be explored in 2020.

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Smart Technology

The technology is definitely a game-changer for humans. Without any technology device, we can not live. People are searching online for better comparisons, offers, and purchase. The smart products like wearable technology ( smartwatch, smart bands), home automation products, smart assistants ( Amazone echo, Google home), weather control devices, GPS assistant, Drones, Virtual Assistant devices, home cleaning equipment, smart TV, smartphones, autonomous cars, etc. 

If you are tech-savvy then search for upcoming technology or currently best-selling digital products. This niche also has the potential still today. 

Subscription boxes

Subscription boxes are recurring delivery methods of specific niche products, included in a marketing strategy. There are subscriptions is used in e-commerce platforms and currently, US alone 400 to 600 different kinds of subscriptions are using. 

It is now popular for online stores and monthly boxes will be available for famous beauty stores. 

Home Security

Digital security devices are essential for modern homes and it is efficient than any other method. The major advantage is we can monitor the alerts in real-time from any geographic location. The devices are so smart which can be configured to connect to the cloud and alerting the owner if any preset changes.

The devices include intrusion detection, smoke detector, CCTV cameras, Child protection devices, Video door camera, Fingerprint scanners, smart lockers, etc. 

There are a handful of websites providing security products, so we can choose some of them for marketing. Also see their growth by analyzing the traffic with seo tools will give you a fair idea about how much revenue they are producing.

Pet Supplies

Pets are another method of healing humans and teaching to be kind. How much you love your pets, they return more than that. When you spend time with your pets actually you are releasing all your stress and made you a good person.

The pets supplies are also demanding niche nowadays. The pet supplies like pet foods, pet care products, pet accessories, pet training equipment, pet toys, pet clothes, pet grooming items, etc. 

Once you venture into this business I can say for sure you will have a lot of money that you dreamed. There are no down graph can be found, as we can see on Google trends itself pets are more likely trending and people really want their pets world-class treatments.

Seasonal market niche

What are the seasonal niches by the way?

The seasonal market is somehow we can not say it is evergreen, but you can make the site prepared before the season comes.

Examples of seasonal markets

  • Halloween accessories
  • Christmas items
  • Skiing equipment
  • Festival market

Even you can see the customized sports items requirement is high during the FIFA WorldCup. So there you can make authority during off-seasons and well prepared for upcoming events.

Final words

There you got 13 untouched niches for 2020 business ideas. So keep updated with the mediums that related to your niches. If you have other niche ideas, feel free to comment here.

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