How to choose a blogging niche? Actionable easy methods explained

Are you about to start a blog? That’s good news for us. Because we are really passionate to help you guys.

While starting a blog you have more confusion about how to start, where to start, how to write, how to get traffic etc.

So before your head gets overheated, just sit down and enjoy the fresh air and ask yourself, what you are really passionate about.

You could see your interest areas are wide and sometimes you are passionate about also.

Let’s break down how to find the niche for your blog?

Now say, why you are searching Google?

Yes, You should think about the purpose and from the reader’s perspective.

You need to find some answers to How to do or specific problems that you need to solve quickly or you need some entertainment like gaming, music, films, or gossips.

There are millions of queries coming to Google to find answers.  

Some of the niches definitely help you to grow. But some of them are not.

For example, if you are choosing WordPress as a niche and not researched well regarding the competency of the topic. You have written 100 and thousands of articles related to WordPress, which is on highly competitive keywords.

Definitely, I never meant to discourage you that not to write about WordPress, if you are really passionate about this, sure you can. But you are thinking to monetize your blog, within 2 years then you will be in trouble. 

It is because the keyword itself highly competitive and not able to rank on the first page and eventually not getting organic traffic. You could align other traffic methods as well for monetize. 

But the biggest free, less effort ( not that easy ) option is organic traffic attraction. 

Ask yourself is that blogging for you?

Definitely blogging is not a sprint, is a marathon. So you are forced to set long-term goals to find something interesting, and 6 months will take to understand your topic is doing well or not.

If you are experienced, no matter what within months you could get traction from search engines.

Blogging all about creating quality content, that search engines will find you this piece of information will use for their readers. So they support detailed, fewer people published, more people searching contents. 

The blog will consist of written information, also included videos, Images, Gifs, etc. So ask yourself whether you can produce unlimited content for your readers or those who were searching online.

Or you could hire any person to do these, then maintaining the website will be your headache. You can manage either way.

What I meant is, the content creation is the top priority task and should be well prepared for the readers.

If the first part gives you a big YES, then move to the next.

Identify the topic you love

There are millions of topics in your head. But we need something you have to make a note, that should you give contents. 

Take these steps.

  • Sit back and take a paper or open notepad on your laptop.
  • Write down the topics you love to blog
  • Write 500 words article either from your mind or researching them online.
  • Review this as a reader you love this or need further improvements.

Stacey Robers said in his blog, Problogger “ But something that seems present and that shines through in the blogs that I read and love his passion”.

What happened you have started a blog, what you are passionate about

  • You will spend more time, than anything
  • You will be on a mission to success, no matter the same was a failed project. You will try hard.
  • You will never abandon your blog in the future
  • Ideas will come flawless
  • The fan follower will start growing if you are writing genuinely

Digging into passion

Check out the below list that you could easily start blogging, where you can find your topic as well.

  • What are your favorite hobbies?
  • How you are spending your time when free?
  • Which was your topic, that you are not run out of words?
  • Which is your favorite book, and which is your favorite topic you love to read
  • What do you want to learn in the future?
  • What was your restless job, in which you are getting zero financial return?
  • Which was the work or task that you never complain about?

There you will get the answer. Then we are going to some market research

Search online related to your topic.

If you’re just starting out, then you are lack of seo tools, still, you could get the help of search engines. Search results will give you the below ideas.

1.Top 10 sites with Domain authority 

2.Monitize methods

3.Deep knowledge about the single niche

4.How they designed to attract users

5.How detailed their articles

6.How much comments they got and social shares

7.Keyword difficulty by analyzing the DA of these sites

No matter, what topic you selected, if it is profitable or not, there are millions of blogs present online. However, there will be some content gaps, that you can fill to get traction easily.

If you take gardening as a blogging topic, then search Google garden tips

Review the first 10 blogs what they really talking about, and how broadly covered the particular topic. Can you really make them?

No one born knowledgeable, so if are you ready to learn these things under these websites?

Then look for how they are now monetizing their sites with affiliate programs, tied up with ad networks, promotional programs, paid reviews, etc. This thing comes when you are likely to go to monetize your blog. 

The passionate people can write anything under the sun, but they are not doing this for money.

The market gap is something that you could come up with while searching. If you are getting top 10 websites that are not covering the relevant information.

 I felt this most of the time. 

Why people are not concentrating and not making quality content?

Because the keywords are not profitable or have low search volume. The competitions will only come when the above said points will be higher. 

  1. Search volume
  2. Money keywords

Both can find out using either free tools like Google keyword planner, Moz keyword research tool, Ubersuggest, etc., or paid tools like Ahrefs keyword research tool.

This phase is very important because you will struggle to get organic visitors if you miss researching much.

How to make your blog authentic

To Make your blog authentic and dominating the market is not an easy task.

Brian Clark is right while talking about this 

What you’re looking to do is intensify the niche by doing something more, or differently (or maybe even better) than the existing players. You do this by first evaluating and understanding where the niche is currently, and position your content in a way that pushes the envelope.

While reading the article and comments on your topic you will get fare idea, that you are in the right place and you can change the way of writing or even solve people’s queries through your blog posts.

For example, you can see, some of the review sites are not covering 100% product details, they wrote posts for the sake of promotions. So why don’t you start a blog, change the way of reviewing any products thoroughly? 

If the top 15 sites cover 2000 to 3000 words, then why shouldn’t you write 4000 to 5000 words article, which includes more images, review videos, more authentic links to other blogs, add peoples genuine review, add popular sites or platforms ratings, contact product manufacture for the sample product to review or purchase if you ready to pay some money.

This will somehow, search engines detect you are writing more content and reviews are not normal ones. Hence the authenticity will improve and readers will get help.

Make a strong network in your topic

Yes, this could drive you all along with the success. A group of like-minded people can help you grow. That’s true Because people always need support even they are successful. Follow successful people, read their blogs, and comment on their blogs.

The comment is to be treated as valuable. it should add value to the article or point out a missing topic that didn’t cover in the article.

How could find like-minded people?

1.Social media groups

2.Blog commenting

3.Forum participation

4.You could search the platform where people are mostly investing their time to build networks.


If you are middle of nowhere to start a blog, just start it, no matter what. Because while you write more things will come to your mind and you could make it successful in the near future. 

Read and learn what is evolving currently. It will be either technology or your self. I can guarantee you could definitely find Yourself while blogging. 

I would love to hear your voice, through comments, what are your thoughts about starting a blog and finding a niche.

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