Affiliate programs that pay daily in 2021

Let’s assume, if your earned money got delayed to credit, and what will be in your mind?

Oh, God, How could I release those pending payments.

Which are the affiliate programs that pay you daily, not to wait days or weeks.

If you are an internet marketer, you will be a part of affiliate programs. So waiting is more frustrating for us for our money, right?

Today you will get 5 affiliate programs that pay you daily.

Yes, you heard it. You can try these programs and earn money on daily basis.

Check out the best affiliate programs that pay you every single day as a beginner you could opt for the programs right away.


This daily paying affiliate program list starting from warrior plus. Warriorplus is one of the entrusted for selling digital products as well as an internet marketing company.

If you are a beginner or required instant payouts then Warriorplus is the best choice. They have a wide range of products within the category of Online money making, Business opportunities.

The product is split mainly into programs, courses, PDF files, apps, sales pages, etc.

Warriorplus is free to join and start selling their digital products from day one. You can also create such products in a business niche, and find other marketers to advertise it.

Warriorplus is such an affiliate program that provides you passive income for marketers who are dedicated to promoting featured products on the WarriorPlus market space.

As of now WarriorPlus is concentrating on digital products and best suited for  internet marketers. 


Limitless sales funnels

As per the WarriorPlus team, they are not placing any limit of products or pages you have in offer, all of them got covered anyway.

Launch calendar   

This feature is available inside Warriorplus, which gives you an insight into upcoming make money affiliate programs, you can create content in advance of a product introduction.

Pulse score

The specific score is indicated in different affiliate platforms. That means they have independent score criteria for the performance of the affiliate offer. Share-A-Sale having Power rank, click bank having Gravity score as same as pulse score.

According to WarriorPlus 

Pulse” score is an indicator of affiliate performance for that offer over the past few months.

A higher “pulse” would indicate more overall activity for an offer, based on the number of different people making sales, as well as some other factors related to overall sales numbers.

The highest pulse score is indicative of lots of sales activities on the whole number of marketers who made successful closure of the deals.

Marketers can choose products to promote according to the highest Pulse score, remember that you should require the highest longevity to achieve a higher Pulse score.


This factor is more important, that we had already started the affiliate programs that pay daily to your account. The payments are through PayPal and stripe. The commission rates are different from product to product, though we could see that 4% to 36% can be earned as a commission.

Deal of the Day

Warrior plus can be used to promote the products daily, this feature is called Deal of the Day.


The contest is something add on benefits while promoting affiliates products of warrior plus. Those who win the contest can earn incentives 


JVZoo is owned by parent company BBC systems, Inc from 2011, with 800k+ affiliates, 18M+ Products. Also listed  Inc. 5000 list tag names as one of the fastest-growing companies.

We can see other affiliate sites like WarriarPlus, Share-A-Sale, ClickBank, JVZoo itself having different types of products on their site. With the promotion, marketing whole along with integrated fully automated systems.

JVZoo offers both marketers and affiliates various features within their programs.

Over 200 niches and categories can be found on JVZoo’s website, where digital products are mainly concentrating on their market place.

It is free to log in and promote their products right away after logging in.

Popular product niches that can be listed are:

  • Finance
  • Self-Improvement
  • eCommerce
  • Software
  • Health and Fitness
  • Business


The market palace is huge 

18 Million product units are available to promote and make a handful of money out of affiliate marketing.

No geographical barriers to join

Yes, there are no geographical barriers to join as a JVZoo affiliate. 

The fully automated and realtime tracking system

Everything from clicking a product, EPC’s, sales, percentage to tacking IDs, easily available on the console. The performance of the products or campaigns can be seen in real-time. There is another option for creating multiple trackers for the same product.

Payment integrations 

  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • BlueSnap
  • Payment Rails
  • Payoneer
  • JVZoo pay


The commissions are paid directly to your personal JVZoopay account, also there is an option for recruiting an affiliate to do the marketing and the earnings will come while your recruited affiliate made a sale is called 2 tier affiliate commissions. The minimum payout for this feature is $100.

The personal JVZoo account is credited when you made a sale, and from there you can easily withdraw it. 

As soon as you made a sale, they will instantly pay the affiliate on your JVZoo account.

The taxes are calculated by JVzoo itself, so this part could not be your headache.

JVZoo affiliates can earn between 30 to 100% of the sales price. The final decision was made by the vendors themselves.

There you can opt for either Paypal or JVZoo account to transfer the amount, in which no transactional fee is deducted.

Digital delivery protection

Instant delivery of your portal is made with their customer portal.

Sell unlimited products

You cal sell unlimited products from a single JVZoo account.

Beginner-friendly resources

There are JVZoo training guides available for the newbie while starting.

Dr. Cash

Dr.Cash is another featured affiliate program, who gives you payout daily 2 times. Their affiliate programs are centered on beauty and health products, which are evergreen niches. 

There you could see never end up products, due to niche is so popular and profitable.

As per Dr.Cash, 37,554 affiliate markets are registers, with 53 niches for human and beauty. 

This is the best platform for those who have major money flow issues, and payout credited morning and evening schedule on the same day.

Nutra vertical is the term used for Nutraceuticals, which included more than 50 niches embedded. Some of them are skincare, beauty products, weight loss, vitamins, supplements.


Monetize it with any source

The traffic to your affiliate product page is not restricted. The traffic can be Facebook, Google, Native, Push, Adult. In which you could get the 2467 offers in 242 GEOs with collection source, budget.

Conversion oriented optimization

Dr.Cash innovates its platform with zero redirect links, page optimization, distributed servers across the globe to make higher conversion rates.

Connected with direct advertisers 

Dr.Cash has been working with hundreds of producers and the healthy competition affiliates make handsome money in the long term.

Awesome community support

Support is available via chat, where a large community of Dr.Cash is here to help.

All kinds of chat support available from the community, local or large community. You will provide affiliate case studies for clearing all your doubts.

Great affiliate dashboard

The UI of the affiliate’s login is futuristic with modern, easy navigation provided to track the performance of your products.

7 steps to get sales from an affiliate link

  • Deal and account meeting
  • Integration
  • Offer to test
  • Offer release and promo
  • Scaling up the volume
  • Payment rules
  • Accounting

Sales models 

There are 3 types of sales models present on Dr. Cash.

COD ( Cash On Delivery): The product payment is done after delivery of the product at the post office or courier facility. Easy conversion rate

Trail: They sell a subscription to your product. But customer needs a credit card to place an order. The commission will credit to your account directly.

SS ( Straight Sale): Direct sale can be done and the product is sold for the full price. Higher-level commission rates available with this sales model, but this is tough to convert.

Personal account manager

The account manager will help you to tune the market, which is starting from approval rate, landing price, average check, traffic sources, age of customers, region by delivery rates, and so on.

Terra Leads

TerraLeads was formed in January 2017, which was the first-ever CPA hub and producing their products and advertise on TerraLeads with 100% support to their community members.

Terra Leads allows you to earn commissions as well as rewards from their affiliate programs.

If we check out their global presence, TerraLeads have offices and warehouses all over Europe and Asia. They manufactured the products which have passed tests and quality meets European standards.

Terraform now expanded to Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia apart from the Asian market.

The products are all in house that they promoting through their platform, so no intermediate charges are limited and ensure a good return for the affiliates.

Major features are 

  • Realtime statistics and tools are available for deep analysis and performance
  • API integration
  • Call support
  • Domain parking
  • Global postback
  • Banners rotator
  • Multilingual system
  • Instant payout every day
  • Fraud protection

High Payouts

I have already mentioned that there is no intermediate entity, so Terra Leads ensures you higher payouts. 

Higher approval rates

They ensure to get higher approval rates as compared to other CPA networks. Dedicates support team helping affiliates all across the globe.

Landing pages

Prebuilt landing pages help you to integrate your blog or Facebook, where you have to pass the moderation process from Terra Leads.

Quality products

As I said, they passed the quality as per European norms, and only after thorough testing they released and promoted through affiliates. So no harm to end-user and affiliates authority for health and beauty.

Support team

Terra Leads is known for its multilingual  24/7 support. They also assigned an account manager for any queries to affiliates.

Payment Option

The payment system integrated Webmoney, Paypal, Wire, Paxum.




T- coins refer to Terra coins, which can be earned as bonuses through the Terra store. Each sale calculated and t-coins are added to your account and will bring you presents which included electronics, entertainment devices, cars, and even a helicopter.

There is no time limit specified for this t-coins 

User-friendly UI design

Terra Leads console design is more intuitive and user-friendly for beginners.  You can choose offers, streams, Webmaster API while you logged into the dashboard.

Then you have to select one vertical out of 4 ( diet, health, beauty & adult). You could also check multiple offers if you would like to.

Each offer will show the country supported, Avg. approval rate, Price, Payout, bonus t-coins.

Unlike starting with direct offers, you can also select a stream or campaign, which will use in the build tracking system.


mobidea home

Mobidea is another daily paying affiliate company. They are CPA mobile affiliate network that connects website publishers with advertisers. Mobidea is an award-winning affiliate network founded in 2011, headquarters in Limassol, Cyprus.

The major category for Mobidea offers is health and beauty, video streaming, coupons, gaming, mobile content, e-commerce, dating sites, etc.

There are more than 130k affiliates are registered under Mobidea with 800+ advertisers, 2000 plus active campaigns, and a span across 200+ countries.

In this affiliate network, you could see that 5 language support available 24/7.

Learning makes a person perfect, putting that in mind,  Mobidea also ensures support with documentation under Mobidea academy.

The mobile end CPA offers start from $30 and vary from program to program.

There are 8 categories of different niches available and you can review the payouts

  • Health and beauty – $17.93
  • Sweepstakes – $26.89
  • Coupons – $23
  • Mobile content – $16
  • e-commerce – $28
  • Dating sites – $28
  • Gaming – $13.44
  • Video streaming – $13.44

More payout details can be seen here from MobIdea. 

Key features of Mobidea

Payments in daily

You could not either payment on a daily basis or a weekly basis. For this, you have to either of one of these services attached with your account Paypal, Payoneer or Paxum

Bank transfer will be twice a week as usual.

The tracking feature will be free

The performance of your campaigns will be tracked and data insights are arranged on your dashboard. This will give you a more centralized arrangement and plan for your upcoming campaigns.

Customer support

The multilingual support will be available in 5 languages 24/7.

Real-time insights

The whole performance of your campaigns can be view realtime, which will give you an immediate selection of which offers are more suitable to you.

VIP program

After you earn $10K then you will be in the VIP category and you will get more support care from the Mobidea team and additional features enabled for better performance in the future.

Free to join
Mobidea is another free affiliate program that pays daily.

Mobidea is such a platform where you can join free of cost and enroll in their beginner courses through their academy.

Beginner-friendly tutorials

You could see more information about how to start where to start from Mobidea Academy as well as the support team.

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