Green hosting important factors to understand & list of best green web hostings

You can refer, what is web hosting?

There are 1.7 Billion websites are hosted on the internet. As we can see these websites are not harming ourselves directly, aren’t they?

The answer is indirectly it is harming the earth itself.


The servers are emitting carbon into the atmosphere. Datacenter working causes pollution.

Yes, When I heard this for the first time, I was shocked. Because why wouldn’t I think, that is possible. According to a study by Jack Amend a medium-sized site producing 4700 pounds of CO2 every single year. Single websites creates then you can imagine billions of websites how much polluting our planet.

I can simply make some notes about how these servers creating pollution.

  1. The intensive cooling system 
  2. Failed electronics waste.
  3.  Infrastructure making by cutting trees

Selecting green hosting is important for the sake of the environment. 

In this article, you will get complete idea about 

  1. What is Green hosting?
  2. What is the Green hosting certification for the Hosting providers?
  3. What is the benefit of another hosting
  4. Popular Green hosting companies
  5. Why you should consider green hosting?

What is Green Hosting?

Green Host

Green Hosting refers to web hosts that uses renewal energy and energy-efficient hardware for reducing the pollution impact on the environment.

In other words we can say that it is an eco-friendly movement towards web hosting technologies.

The eco-friendly consumers are mostly preferring the Green hosting and it is ever developing phenomena in the digital world. 

How the achieve this massive requirement

First of all they use renewable energy. The energy from wind, sunlight, water, etc can be the driving force of the turbine. No fossil fuels are burning and No carbon is emitted in this process.

Green hosting certifications

Renewable Energy Certificates (REC)

The REC certificates are developed by some of the companies, who were producing renewable energy. The REC can be purchased by the hosting company and they are literally helping to build the infrastructure or investing the money into more producing renewable energy.


Carbon offset Certificate (  VER)

Besides REC, there are VER in action to choose the carbon offsettings.  The VER ensures the carbon greenhouse gases are reduced during the operation.

Apart from these certificates the green hosting providers ensure to purchase the hardware that is star rated. Nowadays we can see start rated refrigerators, air conditioners etc. So these energy conservative machine will reduce the wastage of energy and work eco-friendly.


Definitely the servers require cooling systems. If not the performance of the server may get effected and the user will claim for performance outbreaks and eventually credibility will decrease in the market.

See come to these cooling systems, that should be under energy ratings. And specifically, identify how we can efficiently use the atmospheric air. It also ensures the optimum level for cooling systems, in a way to reduce energy wastage. 

If the resources are not using by the customers and not having that much load in servers then definitely shut off not using servers.

Major benefits for Green Hosting

The hosting companies are using natural energies. The energies that come from wind, water, geothermal, solar, etc. Unlike fossil fuels like coal, Crude, etc will adversely impact on nature.

If you are environment lover then go for a green host

Nowadays globally eco-friendly movements are gaining more power than anything. Because global leaders are still on the verge to save our planet. We have more chances to optimize our needs to find the green host and find your self as a link for the broken chain.

The point is loud and clear that you taking a very crucial movement towards saving the planet. And still, hope for recovering the earth from the greenhouse emissions.

performance of servers in the Green host environment

Not really affecting performance. It is not practical to find a place for wind turbines or plant a large area of solar panels. The hosting providers are purchasing RECs on a large scale to claim they are in 100% renewal energy.

They are capable of any hosting activity with the competitors and no variation in terms of performance. 

Top Green Hosting Companies and their plans listed


Green Geeks1
Green Geeks plans

A2 Hosting



hosting papa
hosting papa plan

in motion
in motion plan

Acorn Host

acorn host1
acorn host plan



Dream Host
Dream Host plan


Eco hosting
Eco hosting plan

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