9 Best Linktree Alternatives To Boost Your Instagram Bio Link

Do you currently have your own Instagram account? Are you also regularly publishing new content for your audience? It can be difficult to involve your audience with your material on Instagram. Why? Because links on Instagram postings are unreachable. You will notice more people instructing the audience to “click on the bio link!” In addition, Instagram enables you to insert just one link at a time in your bio. So, what are you doing? Simply use LinkTree or choose from a variety of alternatives to LinkTree!

Let’s look at what you can use instead of Linktree?

One of the first and most popular tools for resolving the Instagram bio link issue was Linktree, which was developed in 2012.

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Like every coin has two sides, this tool also has its limitations. Some Linktree users are dissatisfied with the lack of a custom domain option available. This is the URL for all Linktree profiles, whether they are paid or free to join.

Afterward, you should transfer all of your links to one of the Linktree alternatives listed below.

The most effective alternatives to Linktree


Shorby is the alternative that is most similar to Linktree when compared to the others.

To organize all of your content from various sources, first, create a page. A link to your most recent blog post or video can be included in this section!

You can also connect with your fans on a variety of social media platforms by including your Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok bios on your website or in your newsletter.

Finally, you can include links to your Snapchat Stories, YouTube channel, Twitch channel, and Patreon campaign.

On top of that, you can include a link to your preferred messenger (WhatsApp/Telegram, for example) and place it wherever you want on your micro page.

In addition, you will receive useful reporting on your smart sites and messenger links, as well.


Shorby offers three plans for $15 per month ($12 per month if paid annually). A more expensive plan gives you the ability to create more Smart Pages and uses more custom domains.


A consequence of this is that Pally differs from any other Linktree alternative.

Yes, you will receive the fundamental core capability to create a social networking landing page that includes links to your website, products, blog entries, and other relevant information.

It also allows you to personalize the design of your page and track the traffic to your website.

Pallyy does a lot more than that.

Direct scheduling for Instagram (and other social media platforms), detailed analytics, and comment management are all available.

Pallyy is a fantastic tool for keeping track of your Instagram account.


Subscriptions are available every month for $15.


The majority of profile tools links require you to scroll down to see more content. When using Tap.Bio, you must swipe left or right to see different sections of the app. Increasing the dynamic nature of your content and links

It is possible to create call-to-action buttons for various sections of your bio link. Links to other social media networks or information can be transformed into large, colorful buttons.

If you want a single call-to-action to a brand-related article, include accompanying language to explain the content of the article.

You can also include a YouTube subscribe button in a featured video to aid in the growth of your channel.


With the free plan, you are allowed to have one Instagram account and two cards. The performance of your profile can be tracked with the paid plans, which start at $5 per month ($36 per year).


Lnk.Bio lets you stuff as many links as you want into your Instagram landing page.

Your online profiles can be linked using over 40 social media icons. For example, you can separate your CTA buttons for your Spotify shop, YouTube channel, and Soundcloud account.

Your visitors will find it easy to navigate the tool’s pages.


Unlimited links on a page are allowed with the free plan.

Paid subscriptions start at $0.99/month per account and allow you to schedule link posting, which is essential for time-sensitive product marketing. You can also track the performance of your links and see which ones received the most clicks.


Social contests are the best way to get more engagement from your Instagram bio link. With ShortStack, users can create campaigns from giveaways to user-generated contests, among the Linktree alternatives listed.

Which features you can use are determined by the type of contest. For Instant Win contests, for example, ShortStack provides a random entry selector.

If you are running a hashtag contest, you must identify the hashtag and additional information. That way, you can pick a winner from all the tweets and posts.

Use the contest landing page on your website as well as in your Instagram bio to increase exposure and entries.


This feature is available in ShortStack’s Business plan ($99/month). Your brand will be more visible with the Agency plan ($199/month).


Leadpages is a popular landing page builder. It should come as no surprise that it features an Instagram landing page creator.

One of the scariest features of this platform is that you can use features normally reserved for high-converting landing pages.

Leadpages, for example, features built-in conversion coaching that suggests ways to improve your page’s interaction.

Then you may drag and drop components onto the landing page. You can incorporate a sign-up form for leads, a Calendar timetable, an OpenTable reservation widget, and much more!

Finally, you can test your Instagram page to see which version converts the best.


It costs $37/month ($27/month annually) to make landing pages, pop-ups, and alerts for one site. You can upgrade to develop pages and forms on many sites.


Milkshake is a free Linktree alternative that can serve as a full website in addition to “link in bio” style landing pages.

It lets you build cards or pages with text, graphics, and links. Change the card’s color, font, and logo to reflect your brand.

A single dashboard can manage multiple Instagram accounts.

Based on the gathered data, you can improve your cards.


Use of Milkshake is free. Only after downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play Store can you create your profile link.

It allows users to schedule Instagram posts and analyze their performance.


A free mi ni-website builder for Instagram is included in the tool. Your Instagram posts can now contain clickable links. Perfect for brands looking to sell products via Instagram posts.

You may also include the Linkin.bio feed on your site to increase traffic. Your Instagram feed will look like this, but only posts with tagged links will appear.


One link per post is allowed with the free Linkin. bioLite plan. The Linkin.bio Standard plan ($25/month) removes the banner and allows you to include more links in a post.


In your social bio link, Campsite allows you to include unlimited links.

Its easy-to-use customization options set it apart from the rest. You can change the color, image, logo, and other elements of your page’s design.

This allows easy page linking. See how many clicks each link gets over time to see which ones perform best.


Your Campsite profile can be embedded on your website in the free version.

What’s more, the Pro ($7/month) plan includes:

  • Manage up to 3 campsites.
  • Retarget profile visits with Facebook Pixel or Google AdWords.
  • Integrate Google Analytics to see your traffic in more detail.

What are the best Linktree alternatives 2021 that you can find?

If you’re looking for free Linktree alternatives, Lnk.Bio, Milkshake, and Campsite all provide substantial free plans to assist you in getting started with your Instagram profile.

Sorby, on the other hand, is one of the best Linktree alternatives. It is easy to use and contains several useful tools in one package. Non-stop lead generation is possible with this tool, which you can utilize for your “link in bio” page as well.

ShortStack is an additional unique alternative if you want to use social contests to expand your Instagram following in addition to including a link in your bio, as described above.

Leadpages is perhaps the greatest Linktree substitute for customers who want to increase the number of conversions for their company. Besides creating Instagram pages, you can also construct opt-in forms, pages, and alert bars that are quite effective at converting visitors into paying customers. Even entire websites have been hacked!

Wrapping Up:

Instagram deals with sharing photographs and videos and does not provide the possibility of tagging posts and photos with an external link. We hope that you can add a bio link to your Instagram profile with the help of the aforementioned alternatives. If you are a small firm, a startup, or an influencer, Linktree or these alternate Linktree solutions can be used in 2021 to make your organic link more versatile. This will increase traffic to your website, increase your revenue and make your audience more accessible so that they can learn more about you and your business. This unique URL may also be reprogrammed and included with other social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, other social networks, and podcast platforms.

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