Top 7 WordPress security plugins

Top 7 WordPress security plugins

Are you thinking, why I have come up with only 7 numbers of WordPress security plugins out of 900+ plugins? Because you are advised to try N number of plugins for any other purposes. Now it is the time to secure your WordPress website. Then there is no time to …

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How to make money from blogging

How to make money from Blog in 2020?

Which is the hot topic in this world?  Yes, money-making tips itself. Humans search each and every aspect of their life to spend money and earn more than that. Some of them want quick funda for getting richer in minimum time.  You will get some practical methods of making money …

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What are the major differences between vs Have you ever think, they are providing unique services in the web hosting industry? These are the simple questions that arise when you are a beginner in WordPress. When I started my WordPress journey, I remember I came across and …

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Wordpress security infographics- featured image

WordPress security ultimate guide [Infographic]

The security of WordPress is very important compared to other CMS platforms. WordPress is more charming because it had abondance of technological features and has easy to use with page builders. The webmasters are in high alert more than before and treat from the internet never stops. I have published …

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How to integrate Google reCAPTCHA in WordPress WPforms2

How to integrate Google reCAPTCHA in WordPress WPforms?

I never understand the Bots are these much harmful for our blogging. The internet was grown in such a way that, even you are not in your seat, automated software will do the rest. People are simply marketing their products through contact forms. So I thought how can I remove …

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Wordpress security ultimate guide

WordPress security ultimate guide- focusing on 2020 threats

WordPress is an outstanding winner among CMS competitors and is still growing its branches. The large pool of websites is hosted, which means a large scale of the attack can be expected. The attackers may or may not be from your country and they find loopholes to inject their malicious …

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How to backup and restore Featured

How to backup and restore WordPress websites for free?

Have you ever imagine what will happen if your site had undergone serious malware attacks or missing important files? what will you do, if you accidentally delete the files and find instability on the website? I was faced with these catastrophic incidents several times. That time I didn’t understand the …

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